Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lake Powell

For you people who know me pretty well, you know that I love to go to Lake Powell! If I cannot go to Hawaii or place like that, I want to be at Powell. My family bought a houseboat down there about 5 years ago and we go down every year for a week. Last year we didn't go because of our wedding (which i guess is okay). It was to0 close to our wedding date. So, I was going to make sure that I was going this year (whether Eric was sick or not...just kidding. Love you babe). You cannot beat Lake Powell water, there isn't any better water to ski on. For you people who really know me I am NOT a morning person. If I do not have to get up early then I don't. I love to sleep! But for smooth water I will and want to wake up at 6am to ski. I thought I did pretty well this year. I have not skied for 2 years and I got up on my slalom ski the on the first pull and tried to cut the best I could...nobody can cut the way my dad can but I think I am cool, at least for a chick! The wake board definitely kicked my butt this year. Alex learned to finally clear the wake (way to go Big Al). Blake and John were pressuring Alex to do a back flip but he didn't feel like it. My cousin Blake is amazing on the wake board. He should be pro. All his nifty tricks are pretty fun to watch. He makes it look so easy to do.  My other cousin John jumped off a 65 foot cliff in our little cove, can I say he is loco! My dad found a twenty foot cliff and he told me to go and jump off that one. I thought no big deal it didn't look so high but as soon as I climbed on top it took me a few minutes to get the courage to jump. See, I am not afraid of heights but every time I jump into water I get a stomach ache because when I was little I took swimming lessons and when we would practice diving I would ALWAYS I mean ALWAYS would do a belly-flop and to this day I still can not dive and I get that ache in my tummy when you would belly-flop. On the boat, we did the usual: played cards, floated around the house boat listening to some music, reading, laying out, napping, and at nights my dad brings his projector with his homemade white screen that sits on top of the houseboat and we watch our nightly premier. One thing we did forget to bring was some floaties for us girls to layout with while chilling on the water. So, somebody came up with the idea of taking our life jackets and putting them upside down, you put the arms through your legs and zip it up. It is quite attractive! Kinda looks like a huge diaper..not that i would know what this is like (Eric you can take it from here.)  Another favorite part of the trip is making fun of my mom (sorry mom!)  She is so silly but she is a trooper! My mom doesn't really like Lake Powell. This is not her kind of vacation because she still has to clean and cook.. I don't blame her on that but she only gets in the water maybe once the whole time we are there. She takes a shower everyday and then she puts her cute curlers in her hair. Like I have stated before I do not like to camp but being on a houseboat is not that bad to me, but my mom does it for my dad. Ahhhh! she loves him! (sorry mom but you do! Even if you do not like to mention it.) Another fun part about this year was that we saw our old neighbors and I saw my good friend Jane and her family. And I actually got to go fishing with her and her family! When she was coming to get me I thought that we would be on a fishing boat relaxing eating and chatting....boy was I in for a surprise! If I would have known I was going fishing with EXTREME fisherman I would have practiced my fisherman techniques (I have been eyeing the BassMasters on ESPN2). Jane and her family was on a ski boat that had a huge, loud engine. And what they did was look forwhat I think they called boils? (Jane help) What we did was race down the channel and look for these boils and race back and forth to each one and then they would hurry and grab their poles and cast them out ASAP and it was like 'stop drop and roll' if you were in the way. I told Jane that I was not fisherman so I was in amazement watching her and her family fish! And I never, I mean never, have see people catch so many fish at one time. I think they caught about 35 fish that night, not to mention the 50 fish they caught the night before! GO RAT FAMILY! And of course I had to do something to embaress myself. Cole so trustworthy had me reel in his fish and the line snapped and the fish got away. (Sorry Cole) And then I asked Jane if anyone has caught somebodies face while getting ready to cast and sure enough 2 minutes later her sister-in-law got her hook stuck in the back of Jane's head! ouch! But of course Jane is a tough chick and didn't let it get her down. (Sorry Jane.) I had a blast with Jane and her family although I didn't do much but be in the way but I was just entertained watching them go! And I especially grateful I got some extra time to spend with Jane! (I miss you!) So, this Lake Powell trip was fabulous except the fact that I left my poor sick husband behind. Eric and I had Great Harvest on Monday for lunch and Tuesday morning he got really sick. He was throwing up all day long. The poor guy even had his finals that week and had to take 2 on Tuesday so he could go to Lake Powell on Wednesday with me, but he could only make it through one final and he almost didn't make it through that one. During the test he had to run out and find a restroom to throw-up in but he could only make it to a garbage can in the hall with people watching, ha ha! (It is funny now but not then.) Things only got worse for Eric. Later that day when he hadn't eaten or drank anything since Monday night and the pain was more then he could bear. An IV, three bags of sodium chloride, shot of nausea medicine, and some morphine later...Eric was feeling much better.  He needed the third bag in order to fulfill the Dr's order of the urine test. The Dr said that he had either food poisoning or a virus. That following morning he was feeling much better but he had to stay to take his other final on Thursday and told me that I could still go. That was very sweet of him! He knows how much I wanted to go and how much I love to water ski! He is a good husband I felt bad that I left him behind but he survived and so did I!


Telina said...

hehe We have actual footage of you doing the belly flops at swimming lessons! :) :) I am glad Eric got better. That was a bad deal.

Rat Fam said...

Miss Abby - Thank you for being part of our fishing excursion (stripermasters2008.ratfam) :) By the way, your the type of fisher girl we love, you tell great fishing stories! (you forgot to mention each fish was over 10 lbs);) Seriously, you can go fishing with us anytime!!! Miss you Brett, Jane and family