Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jackson Hole

Another fun trip we took with Nick, Tan and Olivia was to Jackson Hole..which was another place I had never been to. On the drive we saw the Tetons and fields of yellow flowers. When we finally arrived we ate at the Cadillac Grill and we all had juicy hamburgers. Then we roamed around the quaint town. We found the Elk Anteler Arches and had to take some pictures with a stuffed Bison. After walking around we (the girls) had to take a bathroom brea. We found a public restroom we we could relieve ourselves. Inside there was a lady waiting in line and she told me that someone was already in the ladies bathrom and that she had been waiting for awhile now, I politely said, "Okay," and Eric and I carried on our conversation as we waited with the lady. A few minutes later the lady got really fidgety and sighed really loudly and then all of a sudden ran out the door and down the stairs.  Eric's eyes got huge and a smirk grew on his face. "She totally just peed her pants!" he said. I felt so bad for her. I now how she feels....well I usually pee my pants when I am laughing uncontrollably... but still in a non-Billy Madison-world, peeing your pants is not very cool. After what seemed like an hour,  a woman with 5 kids finally exited the lavatory. No wonder it was taking so long. After that weird ordeal we walked around some more and I saw a sign that said Old Times Photos! I have never had that chance to get one and I wanted one soooo badly. I pleaded with Eric and Nick... they were not really up to it but I would not take "No" to this one. Tanya and I had fun getting in our outfits. I had a scandalous outfit that made my boobs look huge...Eric couldn't help but stare...typical guy. I also had money in my hand..typical girl!(Editor's Note: It was fake money but don't let her know that.) Miss Tan was having the opposite problem with her costume. She was truley blessed in the area that I wasn't so she went with a more conservative outfit that was so cute int he picture but in person the colors of her outfit was so hilarious. Eric was an Outlaw ha! ha! I am sorry but he has too much of a baby face to look like an outlaw, course so did Billy the Kid and he was a total badass so i guess i could work. Nick was a Naughty Preist, which means he had a bible in one hand and then Jack Daniel's in another. I think he played this part pretty well!  The cute little Olivia was in a cute outfit with a feather headband and she did WONDERFULLY (editor's note: adverb) in the picture. I think she wanted to do the pictures as much as I did. I will have to scan the picture to get in on the blog so you all can see how cute it turned out! Whether they will admit it or not, i know the boys enjoyed it to!


Telina said...

I LOVED Jackson hole! And we got the old time picture too. The guy that was taking the picture tried to getinto my "dressing room" to help me zip up my dress. Blake stepped in firmly and let the guy know he was to not touch his wife! I thought it was funny! They all laughed afterwards. We also ate at the Cadillac Grill too