Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Hate Edward!

Let me tell you a little story....most of you probably all ready know this story and most of you have had the pleasure to see me act out this story (which was quite entertaining to most of you!) I have been told that I act like an Italian when I tell this story. So... I was taking a Pilate's class in the spring and my teacher saw my new car! S40 Volvo Turbo! She was looking for a new car to help save on gas and she liked my car. A girl over heard our conversation and was so impressed with my car and then suddenly asked if I had read the Twilight books. I have heard of them of course. I know them as the vampire books but I had not read them. (I am not much of a reader) I told her. Well, she went onto explain that she works for a book store and the last book is coming out in August and the main character in the book Edward (the love interest) had a silver Volvo in the book. She asked me if she could use my car as a prop for the book release. I gave her my number and told her to give me a call and we would go from there. Well, 4 months went by and sure enough she gave me a call asking if she could still use my car. I told her that I was coming home from Lake Powell that day and I would try to get home as fast as I could and then we could talk more before I decided to do it or not. So, here is what I was thinking.. I had read the first book "Twilight" and I was totally sucked into the book and wanted to read more. And I won't lie, I thought it was kind of cool that Edward had my car... by the way I am an Edward Fan! And I wanted to be nice. But on the other hand I did not want anything to happen to my car. I am very protective over my property! Because I know that some people do not have an respect for other peoples property. So, Eric and I hurried and washed my car and took it to the girl and her and I had a little chat. She explained to me that there would be 2 people all night watching my car and that there would be a taped-off area where people could not cross. And then she also wanted to decorate my car. We discussed what she could do and not do and both agreed that I would put the decorations on my car. So, I felt comfortable and fine and as I was walking outside there was about 10 girls surrounding my car decorating it. I raced over and said excuse me..... I said that I would be decorating it! The girls stopped and I told them no more decorations. Eric and I took some pictures of my car before we left (it looked pretty cute) and then I watched the volunteer sit down next to my car and we finally left when I felt assured. The girl wanted my car from 7 tell 2 am, I said no way! I told her that I would be back at 11:30 to come and get it! Eric and I went to go get pizza for dinner and then go to my parents to unload the boat from Powell. So, it was 11:30 and I called the gal to let her know that I was on my way to come get my car, she informed me that my car was fine and that it was a huge hit. There was a crowed surrounding my car taking pictures and screaming. It was like my car was a movie star (freaks!) And just to let you know I was in my PJ's with no make-up, I had not showered yet form Powell so you can only imagine what I looked like. The plan when we got there was I was going stay in Eric's car and then he would get in my car. As we were pulling up the biggest fear that I had came true! Eric was still driving and I saw this guy JUMP and SIT on my freaking (sorry mom) car! I ran out looking the way I explained and I forgot I had no shoes on either! I raced over to the guy and now there was a girl sitting on my car with him. I reached towards him and told him to get the freak off my car(again sorry mom.) The guy looked at me....still sitting on my car! I finally reached for his shirt and pulled him off myself! And at that time his shoe left a huge black mark all down my car!! I asked the dude what the hell was he thinking? This is MY CAR! I screamed! What are you doing, you don't sit on somebodies car. And look you just scratched my car. The guy kept telling me to calm down. By now I had figured out that the dude is suppose to be Edward and the girl is dressed up to be Bella. Then all of a sudden this lady comes in front of me and has the nerve to tell me to calm down. I said Excuse me! DO NOT TELL ME TO CALM DOWN! She continued to explain with a freakin smirk on her face that they were just "JUST" taking a picture. I told her that you do not sit on somebodies car, especially the hood. You know why? The hood of a car is thin, do you know why? Because the engine needs to breath with how hot it gets with the engine going so the hood is made out of aluminum(well mine is.) And all she could do is tell me to calm down and that it was not a big deal. I wanted to put a freakin dent in her camera (I still do!) By now I started crying while looking at her with pure discuss as she laughed at me. Have you ever been around people who are so dumb and do not get it that it makes you dumbfounded? Well, that is how I felt. By now Eric showed up and I explained what was going on. Oh, did I tell you that there was about 80 people watching this scene. I was pacing back and forth as Eric started to take charge of the situation. And the volunteer had the nerve to come up to me and say, "I thought it would be okay for them to take a picture." I looked at him and said wasn't it your job to make sure that nobody I mean NOBODY not even Edward and Bella to touch my freakin car. And the volunteer guy was like 30 years old you think that an older guy would know that you do not sit on the hood of a car! Yet again I am still dumbfounded. People are soooooo DUMB! Finally, the gal who was responsible for my car came over and updated her on the huge problem that she now had. Eric told her that the streak from Edwards shoe came off but that there was a huge dent in the hood along with a hand dent. Eric asked Mr. Edward if he could feel the hood actually indent when he sat on it? Mr. Edward said "Ya, I guess" Eric then proceeded to show him and the rest of people responsible the huge dent in the hood. The following day I took it up to the best Body Shop in Utah who happens to be my dad's best friend. New Image Body and Paint and he told me that he was hoping that we could send my car to the dent master but the damage was too big. It was a total of $1500 dollars to fix. They had to order a new hood and then match the paint to the bumper and they also put a new clear bra on my car. I felt bad that it cost that much but then again I didn't feel bad. I just was really lucky that the girl took full resposiblity and Edward even pitched in to help her. The only thing is that I still have no desire to finish the books, Edward has made me really mad! Now when this all went down my mom laughed at me. She told me that I had every reason to be upset but she said that I need to calm down when I am upset with complete strangers because one day it might kick me in the butt. I hate saying this but, she is right. A few days later my parents were taking a walk around the neighborhood and stopped by some friends of theirs to chat and they started to tell my parents that their neice was Bella at the book release and that some girl freaked out on them. My parents started laughing and proudly said, "Ya, that was Abby!" I hate whem mom's are right. But, I did write the girl that was responsible for my car a thank you card. I can be a nice girl just don't sit on my car and we will be fine!


KaSeY said...

lol! i still see you standing in front of my desk telling this story!!! love you girl!

Rat Fam said...

I love this story. I also can invision you telling us the story only I wish I would have got the extreme version and not the calmed down one. Someday you may want to finish the books and this will be a funny story to tell (actually it already is. . . not what happened but the way you tell it!)

tanya said...

Happy the car is all better! I think its a memory we can put in the archives!