Saturday, September 6, 2008

The John Mayer Concert

Eric and my family and I decided to go to the John Mayer Concert! I was so excited to go because I love John Mayer and I had never been to one of his concerts before and his opening act was Colbie Caillat who is fabulous! I was kind of disappointed because I wanted to spend the extra dough to sit upfront because of course Eric and my mom weren't going to budge because Eric thinks that the sound sucks "ya ya whatever he is just  cheap." It was Alex's first concert and I don't think this was his kind of concert "as you can tell  from the picture. And i am not quite sure what my dad thought? Not only did I enjoy John's concert, but I saw one of my good friends the beautiful Jessica. Eric and I were walking to get some drinks and all of a sudden I heard this loud scream ABBBY!! And I just knew that it had to be my jessica, she is the funniest gal I know and her husband is the sweetest guy. We sat and chatted for awhile and come to find out she had 3rd row seats. I was so jealous. I wanted to feel the sweat off of John's face just like she did. Oh well I guess I survived. But it was so great that I saw Jess and John. I just wish I got to spend more time with her. She was my partner in crime back in the day. I also saw my friend Rachel at the concert. I cheered with her. She is the cutest thing ever. All and all it was a good family event! 


The Kollman's said...

Hey guys!! Glad to see you've finally posted something! J/K! I'm glad to hear everything is going well in PA. You'll have to post some pics of your new city! Miss you guys! Keep in touch.


tanya said...

We wished we could of gone. Jealous! I like your blog the background, and the posts. Now its just about keeping up with the post. Good luck, We miss you guys! Can't wait until Christmas! Love ya The Adams

Los Springer said...

Hey Abby I saw your blog on Tanya's. You looked so beautiful on your wedding pic's. Looks like you guys are so happy. It's fun to see what your up too.

Telina said...

So...your pics are so cute! But I thought I WAS THE FUNNIEST person you knew?? haha. Just kiddin. I am still your number one! ;)
I dolike your new background. and you better put up pics of your home and PA!!!
love you lots