Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Island Park

This summer Eric, Nick, Tanya, Olivia, Bruce, Teresa and I all went up to Island Park; which is about 30 miles away from Yellowstone. Eric and Nick used to go up to Island Park as a kids and camp with their family and Teresa wanted to start that tradition again. Thankfully, we got a cabin, I am not much of a camper, especially in a tent. We drove up to Island Park and it took us forever. We were cooking along with the drive until just about Idaho Falls, and then we hit a serisous accident; a semi had tipped over on the highway which sent us on a 20 mile detour.  After we finally got back on the freeway, traffic came to another stop...yup, construction. I thought we would never reach the cabin. Finally, we did and I saw the amazing Northern Lights. It was so beautiful. The cabin was nice and the backyard faced a golf course, which Eric loved. The first day we were there we took a float trip. It was a very calm river... I am talkin snails move faster than this river. Which was good because I don't know how Olivia would handle the extreme river waters. The scenery was gorgeous! All the tress, flowers and little fishies (as I would say to Olivia). Bruce was our captain, Eric the first mate, Nick and Teresa skipper 1 and skipper 2 and of course Olivia, Tanya, and I were the precious cargo!  Tanya and I were trying to keep Olivia entertained. The fun river raft was to boring for her, except for Gatorade and all of our snacks. As Tanya and I were trying to keep Olivia occupied I was attempting to take pictures of the scenery and then I accidentally dropped my camera on the edge of the raft, down where the water sits. I have know idea how long it was sitting in the water and then about 2 minutes later Tanya dropped her camera too. We are bunch of goofballs. After the raft ride we raced home and got our blowdryers, hopefully to dry out the cameras. Thankfully, they both 'work.' Mine you can see the viewing screen only if you are in the sun but at least it still takes pictures. Later that day Eric and I went to Mesa Falls to check out the beautiful waterfalls. Everybody else went the day before and said that it was worth going to see. It had a gorgeous waterfall with a rainbow surrounding a beautiful mountainside. Eric said it looked like how he imagined Ireland would look.  Hopefully, we get the chance to go to ireland so that we can make a more educated comparison.