Friday, September 12, 2008

Summer has Come and Gone...And now we are gone.

Eric and I decided to really do it! We were moving across the country. We both were really excited not only being in a new part of the world but new experiences for us and the best was Eric was moving up in his company and he was getting the experiences that he needs. Now, the best part of the move was that his company bubble- wrapped, packed and moved us. It still was nerve-racking though! All you that know about moving it is still stressful even if I wasn't the one actually moving it all. You have to coordinate everything, the plane tickets with the apartment and the movers. Then you have to close all your accounts, change your address and the list go's on and on but, we did it! The first day the ladies came and packed us up and then the following day the movers came to load everything up in the truck. The movers were very nice and crazy. I have no idea how they got the diesel truck right in front of our apartment but they did. It was liking watching Ice Truck Drivers. They were determined to get the truck down in front because if they couldn't they would have to pack all of our stuff in a smaller truck and then drive it up the hill and then load it in the big diesel truck which, would have taken twice the time. Our apartment building was built on a hill with very small parking lots. If somebody parked behind you there was no way for you to get out of your own parking stall. There was no way I thought a big diesel truck could make it down the hill with the sharp turns and small lanes but, they did it! The movers where really nice but I thought I was going to have to kill them when they were trying to get my car into the diesel truck. My poor car she has had a rough summer! My car has a sports kit on the bottom of it and as the guy was putting it in the truck he scrapped the bottom of my car. Finally, they had Eric put it the truck because the guy wasn't really good with a stick and kept stalling it. Eric got it in safe and sound with no more scratches. It was the weirdest feeling when the movers drove away with all our stuff! I told Eric to wave and say goodbye to all our things because there might be a chance that we might never see it again. We of course insured our things but you still you have no control over anything once its out of your hands. No worries though, everything got to out new home safe and sound. Nothing was broken or stolen. We were really lucky. 


AMS said...

How are you?! Im so sad that you guys moved, I hope that you are doing great though! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Uh so I dont think im gettin my masters anymore but another degree instead, just a physical therapy assistant degree this time. :) Keep me posted on how life is girl!

Love ya

tanya said...

And there off! Sniff, Sniff