Monday, July 21, 2008

Aye Carumba, Mamma Mia

Okay for all of you men out there this one is for you...I have experienced the most awkward moment of my life in a movie theatre. Last weekend, while i was doing manly things (golfing), she decided that she would like to go see the movie Mamma Mia with her Grandma. I figured, what the hell, i can stomach ABBA for an hour and a half. Well if only the music were the problem. During the whole movie i had the distinguished pleasure of sitting in front of what I now not-so-fondly refer to as the 'Dancin Nancies'. Believe me when i tell you that there is nothing more emasculating that sitting in front of a man who konws every single word to every ABBA song, and insists on singing them into my unsuspecting ear. Literally, during the whole movie I felt like Bjorn from ABBA was singing in a nice, whispery voice directly into my ear. As if this wasn't bad enough...everytime a song came on that they really enjoyed, like Dancing Queen, they decided singing wasn't enough of an expression of their love. Nope, they needed to stand up, clap and dance in aisle. What a spectacle. Had this happened in Salt Lake, I am certain there would have been bloodshed. Has anyone else experienced anything like this before, (Allan this last line doesn't apply to you.)


Telina said...

hehe! What is funny about this blog is I know who you are talking about! :D That's great. I'm sorry you had to experience the wierdness of Vernalites...hopefully people in Pittsburgh aren't as crazy.
Love you guys

Vernos said...

That's hilarious!!! I would've paid to see it. Maybe they'll make a spoof of mama mia with a scene just like that!!

Jayne said...

Oh Abby!
You crack me up! What a special experience to have Bjorn singing in your ear! I'm sorry you couldn't enjoy it the way us old people do. We're kind of demented that way. Love ya! Jayne

Steve said...



KaSeY said...

update...update...update...please! i need to see pics of the new place...and the new hand bag!!!