Friday, October 3, 2008


Here in our little town, Oktoberfest was going on. Eric and I decided to go Saturday night and enjoy the good food, good beer and fun festivals. There was a live band playing, food cooking, a live polka band and the wonderful carnies. I enjoyed a nice piece of pizza and we topped it off with a funnel cake. Then we walked around to each tent seeing what people had to sell. Then we of course had to play some carny games. Eric and I played the water gun games.. you know the one that you squirt the water into the hole and you race to the top. Well, I thought I had it, but Eric snuck past me and won by a second. And of course like a gentlemen he gave me the stuff animal that he won... I think if he was true gentlemen he would have let me win my own stuff animal. (Editor's Note: Every woman wants their man to win them a stuffed animal at a county fair/Oktoberfest...I just fulfilled her dreams) Just kidding. The next day we went down for lunch. Eric was craving a brautwurst and a beer, Spatzel anyone?  

Auf Weidersehen!


The Palmer Family, Establishing 2008 said...

Abby I love that dress. It really does fit perfect. ! Isn't that funny I took my clothes to work and met Nate and he had green on too! Someone asked us if it was St.Patty's day! Oh well, we had fun. And everyone knew we were a couple:)

Jason and Stefanie Burt said...

Oh my it sounds like so much fun!! We for sure need to come visit soon... only problem is we just found out our house is going to be done in two weeks! Yikes, but very exciting. Hopefully we wont be too strapped for cash and can come visit ya. Eric you already knew I was a criminal!! ha ha and Abby I decided we need to chat about the hills every week. So give me your email. I think that it will be much better!!PS I think Doug and Stephanie are so lame... Plus Heidi needs to get a major clue. If spencer talked to my Mom like that I would punch him in the face and then you know where!!
Miss you guys!

Lindsay said...

Hi Abby! It Lindsay (Anderson). How are you!?!? I found your blog off of Camille's. It is so good to see how you are doing.

tanya said...

I like the old town look. I would of love to be there with you guys! We miss ya