Wednesday, September 17, 2008

West Virginia

Eric and I went to Charleston, West Virginia for the week because Eric needed to go down there for work. I really didn't know what to expect but let me tell you this... it SUCKED! The city was not very big and it is old and smelly. I didn't do much but sit in the hotel room channel surfing all day. I went to the mall one day and then I got a pedicure and manicure and that was about it (Tan, I miss our pedicure dates!) The only thing that brought my spirits up was there was a chili's restaurant and at that... it wasn't the best either. But we did find a really good family owned Italian restaurant. The rest of the trip was dreadful. I was going to kill Eric or he was going to kill me because of my nagging. I didn't have the internet or a computer at that matter. West Virginia has beautiful hills that are covered with big green trees but the city was old and smelly... like I said before. I think the smell came from this toilet that we found on somebody's front lawn. Ha! Ha! Eric and I were driving down this road and there was this mobile home and the owners put this toilet on their lawn and planted flowers in it. This picture sums up our whole trip. So, for those of you that wanted to go to West Virginia.. this is what you would see!


Rat Fam said...

My little brother served his mission in Charleston and when he came home he wanted us with amercian flags because he felt like he had been in another country . . . Not the normal we are use to huh?

tanya said...

So sorry you were so bored. Wish Eric got u the laptop before huh?! Well looks like you can cross off that off the map of places to go.