Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Alex... And Congrats!

My baby brother is getting older and I don't know what to say. I remember when he was a baby with his chubby cheeks and all. Alex was a happy baby and still is!  Ha! Ha! Just kidding bud! Alex's birthday was on Monday and he turned 14, (teenagers don't you love 'em. ) I just can't believe my lil brother is getting older. I remember when I was younger and all I wanted was a little brother or sister. And then I got my Alex... he was fun playing with and dressing him up like a girl (Alex you know that you liked it!) And now-a-days he says that I act like his mother I just like to think that I am a very wise older sister! Any who... Happy Birthday Alex and I hope you have a good day and get all that you want. I wish we could be there! 

P.S. Alex also made the West Jordan baseball team! We are so proud of  you bud! 


Telina said...

I have this picture! Alex looks so little! I remember when he use to call me "autnee" Not sure about the spelling on this one...I miss you Abby!