Friday, July 4, 2008

An Ode To Tanya

I have been putting off the starting of our blog. Eric and I have been so busy or I haven't been in the mood...which is always the case. But thanks to Tanya who sat my butt down last night and showed me everything you need to know about blogging. She was a great teacher! So if you think our blog is cute, which I think it's adorable then thank Mrs. Tanya. I think Eric owes her the biggest thanks because he didn't have to deal with me and he got to play rock band with nick for two hours.
Thanks Tan!


tanya said...

Ohh that's sweet. You caught on real quick! Now it'll be nice for when you move we can see what's going on. It was kind of weird last night for us to be on the laptops and not the boys huh! Good luck on not getting addicted to blogging!

The Kollman's said...

YAY!!!! I'm so glad you have a blog!!! I seriously almost cried when I read that you are moving to Pittsburgh. I miss you soooo much! We need to hang out soon!! Love you!

Rat Fam said...

I'm excited your blog is up and running! Now we can see what your doing when you move :( sad times for us!